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Friday, 5 February 2010

Welcome to FoodieJoint :)

I've been thinking of starting this blog for a long time now. But me, being one of the most laziest persons I've ever known, no wonder it took lots of self persuasion and motivation from my friend(a promise to treat me to starbucks skinny latte) to finally sit down with a strong cuppa(writing always works as a sedative for me!) and start typing. 

I was born and brought up in Kolkata, and like any other bong of kolkata, I love to cook, eat and make others eat! From the roadside Kati rolls to the Kamakazes, from the Fuchkas to Fajitas, from Mangsho bhaat to Fish 'n Chips, the journey has been amazing. I dedicate this blog to all those people I've come across in this culinary journey, who have taught me different forms of Indian cuisine as well as world food and have parted with their most treasured handed-down-by-grandmom recipes and tips...and I hope this blog will help me hand them down to many others who love spices, beans and pulses as much as I do!

Happy cooking guys :D


Satakshi said...

To the visitors,
You all MUST try this 'heavenly' Moong Dal Laddos, these are awesome ! (provided you follow the instructions strictly) I tried it last week to treat a gang of 11. Till now they are after me just to know the recipe :-)
This blog owner happens to be my BESTEST friend ever. She is unique in her own way. My guide to almost every problem.
Wish u all the best ..... keep on writing and keep on sharing your treasure of recipes ... Cheers !!

FoodieJoint said...

Thanks sweetie...mmuuuaaahhhh to u and the cake :)

Pat said...

Darun laglo tor blog. Pui patar bara ta try korbo. :)

chandrani said...

Excellento!!!! keep on writing..