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Friday, 5 February 2010

Mung Dal Laddoos - simply divine

The only possible way to beat this depressing cold weather is to treat yourself with some sinfully indulging homemade food...or rather sweets. My in-laws were here for 3 months and I tried to experiment as much with food as possible, bless them, they didn't utter a word even after having my disastrous 'Murighonto'(which i made for the very first time, before u raise ur perfectly waxed eyebrows)!!! But they quite loved my Mung dal laddoos...So I decided that to be my first recipe on this blog, just to be on the safer side so that I don't scare you all away with my other weird recipes on the very first day of my blogging!

Mung Dal Laddoos:

What U need...

 Mung dal(the prewashed kind) - 2 large mugs soaked in water overnight
Ghee(Clarified butter) -  ahem...about 1 cup :(
Almond - A handful, chopped
Saffron - A few strands soaked in little warm milk
Sugar - 1 large mug (or to taste)
A seperate cup of warm milk

Get your apron and get ready...

Grind the soaked Mung dal coarsely. Heat half of the Ghee a pan and add the dal paste to it. Cook on extremely low flame till the dal becomes very light and fluffy ..add more ghee if required. After a while a nice aroma is released(it normally takes about 40-45 mins). Slowly add the sugar, a little at a time, stirring continuosly. Once the sugar melts and mixes welladd the chopped almonds and the warm milk and saffron milk. Mix well and dry it up on the heat. Take it off the flame and let it cool down. Roll into small balls and store in an airtight container. It can be also served as halwa(pudding). For that it needs to be a bit gooey and can be served hot, garnished with rose petals and saffron strands.


chandrani said...

Thank u.... wanted this receipe for a long time now.. orkut e chobi lagie prochur lobh dekhiechis.. ebare can finally try!!!

FoodieJoint said...