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Friday, 12 February 2010

Pui Patar Boda (Malabar Spinach Fritters)

While Mummy and Daddy were here I decided to make the most out of it. So we went for family picnics, went for couple nights and movies leaving my 2 year old with them(bless them!) and most important of all, learnt a few more bengali recipes from my mom-in-law. While Daddy taught me to be out and about with my little camera shotting swans, berries and lillies, Mummy taught me a few bengali recipes like shukto, murighonto and labra. 

Me and my daughter loved spending time with them as never got a chance like this before as we relocated very much immediately after my marriage. My mom-in-law is an amazing cook, no wonder my husband is so fussy about his food. So it was my aim to learn atleast a few of his favourite FEW bengali foods(yeah he's not very much into bong food)...nobody believes it when we say he doesn't eat rui/ilish mach or roshogolla! He didn't eat murighonto, even after all my effort(I achieved some level of perfection at the third attempt)! So as I said earlier, one of the few bengali dises he loves is Mummy's Pui Patar Bora and to my surprise, it was quite easy to make. 


What U need:

Pui Shaak/Malabar Spinach - 1 bundle(I use the washed frozen kind)
Rice - 1 cup, soaked in a bowl of wated overnight, drained and gound to a fine paste(add only a few tsp of water..the paste should be think)
Salt to taste
Chilli powder to taste
Oil to fry

Get your apron and get ready:

Shred the Spinach leaves. Wash and drain them. Pour the rice paste in a big bowl. Now take little bit of leaves at a time and start mixing well with the paste with your hands(almost like kneading a dough..only a bit runny). Prepare the batter with all the leaves and slowly add salt and cilli powder and knead well. Take a wok and heat oil in it. Add the batter in small cookie shapes, flattening them with your fingers and deep fry them till they're brown in colour. Soak the excess oil on absorbent paper and serve with plain hot rice and ghee.


chandrani said...

Will try this ... pui shak na pele, with spinach for the time being!! puii sak er american naam keu janle janao plzz

FoodieJoint said...

yeah it tastes equally good with spinach...infact pui shaak is very rarely available here too :(