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Friday, 12 February 2010

Amader chhoto nodi chole eNke bNeke....

We've been living in this tiny village near Cambridge and on the banks of the river Cam, but only discovered it's true beauty when my dad-in-law came to stay with us for a few months. He's a nature person and made one out of me too. It snowed too much in England this year...not that we didn't like it at first...but it's getting too much for our appetite now if you ask me! But it did indeed gave us a few chances to take a glimpse of what this village looks like, all covered in snow, like a fairytale place. A place straight out of the books from childhood(when seing the photos made you wonder if that kinda place actually exists!)...or straight out of those high budget movies like Narnia!

My dad-in-law, who is also my Photography guru, used to set off early in the morning to shoot the white iced cake village and I managed to accompany him sometimes, if permitted by my fussy toddler or the household chores. Our favourite place was the river Cam (In earlier times the Cam was named the Granta, but after the name of the anglo-saxon town of Grantebrycge had been modified to Cambridge, the river was renamed to match).


The next place Daddy loved was the whole village itself. Now why wouldn't he, when he could walk through the entire length of the village in just 30 minutes! As I've mentioned earlier, it's one of those tiny little villaged with only one Tesco superstore, 3 pubs(it's England afterall!!!), one primary school and a huge country park. We have to go to the main city of Cambridge in order to buys fancy things, but we don't mind. We love english countryside and would give up a city life anyday to live here. 

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chandrani said...

Simplyy loved reading this part of the blog... indeed ghorer lakhiii bou re tui