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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Mango Ice-cream

I'm too lazy and tired to write anything today. I had an Indian sweet order to finish yesterday and have been out for the whole day today. But I promised the recipe for Mango Ice-cream and here it is! 

Mango is not my favourite thing in this you'll probably never find a mango in my kitchen even in the season. But I simply love the East End Mango Pulp cans available at the Asian grocery stores or even in Tesco now a days! And that's what you'll need for this recipe along with a tub of Double Cream...yeah it's really that simple! :)


A tub of Double Cream
A can of mango pulp (available in tesco at the world food isle)


Whisk the cream in an Ice Cream tub with a hand held electric whisk till soft peaks rise. Add the pulp slowly half tin at first. Whiz with the whisk to mix well. Gradually add more according to your taste. Put it in the freezer for atleast 8 hours. Take out about 10 mins before
serving. Serve with chopped mangoes or pulp


SGD said...

came across your blog through facebk.
mango icecream looks delicious!!!
spent this summer gorging on mango kulfis!!! ;))

Cassia Bark said...

Thanks SGD :)...I love Mango Kulfis...perfect for a lazy summer afternoon with friends :D

web said...

I tried this recipe. turned out so wonderful.. better than that in found in market. It was very creamy and it was not at all icy. I tried this recipe. turned out so wonderful It was very creamy and it was not at all icy.

web said...